Yes You Cannes Recap: #AdLife Career Notes

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Yes You Cannes hosted by the Chicago Advertising Federation Young Professionals. This organization helps bring young ad professionals together to network, learn and serve the community. The panel at their last event dished out some awesome career advice that I am going to share with you. If you're in the Chicago advertising industry, you want to keep an eye out for their upcoming events. Until then, here's what you missed.

This is a collection of notes I curated from the panel discussion on creativity in advertising. 

  • "I wasn't a great writer...I had a great story." - John on getting into journalism
  • "Brands' best stories aren't usually brand heavy... they relate..." - John on writing for brands
  • "Something that doesn't sound relevant at first might carry a relevant message for your target." - Eric on ideation
  • "What is boring? A brand yelling at you about themselves." - Erin on brand storytelling
  • "The most boring topics are the most obvious." - Baomy Wehrle of RYOT Studio 
  • "There's power in consumer first and 'So what?'" - Erin on ideation
  • "Be purposeful." - Baomy on ideation
  • "Find that counterintuitive idea... Tune in your radar for stories everywhere." - John 
  • "When you find stories, show passion. Get excited." - Jamie
  • "Data can tell great stories." - John  on using data to tell stories.
  • "How? Where? What? We use data to answer those questions." - Baomy on using data to tell stories. 
  • "Dig for insights that help tell those stories." - Erin 
  • "Be open to different ways to solving problems." - Josh on career advice
  • "You can choose to be right or choose to be happy." - Eric on career advice 
  • "Focus on human truth." - Eric 
  • "Give a shit. Work harder." - Eric 
  • "Ask why. Respond vs react." - Erin on career advice
  • "Be authentic. Don't pretend. People see through shit. Be curious." - Jamie

Do you have any advertising advice you would like to add? Comment below and share.