3 Ways I'm Loving My Body This Summer #Summer17Writing

When you're skinny, half the world thinks your life is good while the other half says...

You’re soooo skinny.
Oh, you just need to have a baby.
You need some more meat on your bones.
You need to eat.
You look 16.

The list goes on. It's almost like it's okay to shame skinny girls because something is apparently "wrong" with them. And if you're a Black skinny girl, the Black community will remind you to eat more, sex more or whatever it takes for your body to fill out into the ideal figure for a Black woman. 

Now that I'm 25, I realize that this is it. This is me. I'm not going to be thick, and I'm damn sure not going to dedicate my life to gym gains when I have other goals in mind. So since that's not changing...

The only thing to do is to love my body as it is. I accept how my body is built, I change what I can, and love all the parts that make me. 

The #Summer17Writing challenge by @tanikiadotcom and @sfbthesiren encourages writers to love their bodies with this prompt: #NoBodyShaming: What are three ways you can love on your body this summer? 

Eat Happily

I'm eating whatever I want. In high school, I  can remember eating J&J Fish chicken wings with mild sauce and soggy bread every day because people said I would gain weight. Never again. Never will I live life sick to my stomach to get thick again. 

From now on no one is going to shame me into eating dirty to get a booty or judge me for eating clean because I'm skinny.

Face My Fears

I love being naked. Just not in front of others. I'm afraid of putting on a bikini and walking around a pool area for everyone to see my body. I'm afraid of being looked up and down and compared to other women.

So this summer,  my goal is to be myself without fear of judgement. 

Before it's over, I will wear that bikini and lounge my boney ass by the pool on somebody's rooftop. And while I'm at it, I'll finally get a full body picture to post and share. 

Twerk It Out

I, Crystal, promise to shake that ass all summer long. Not to attract unwanted attention but to move my body. To include physical activity that will not only work my muscles but give myself a mental break, a mood booster and the moves to put on bae.