Why It's OK to Breakdown


Give in. It's not your job to hold it all in forever.

I remember feeling the weight of work, school, and a bad breakup strike a sharp pain across my chest.

It was so much I returned to my old home – my grandmother's house.

She embraced me with arms of comfort as I tumbled towards her with eyes pouring out.

Her grasp was more than enough.

Her grasp was everything I was denied of – warmth, acceptance and love – and it was all in her. My troubles, worries and a man may have brought me down, but the glue of her words and the tape of her touch restored me.

This past Sunday, my pastor spoke on brokenness.

"Nobody wants to feel heartbreak because they don't want to go through the process that comes with being broke." 

The process of being broken forces you to deal with the enemy and self. 

The enemy is not always a person.

The enemy is within.

Dealing with you – your emotions and feelings– forces you to seek understanding of the world around you, spirit and self. That search brings you closer to wisdom, God and the people that truly love you.

Anytime you’ve been hurt within, you need to be broken to be free.

In my grandmother's arms, I flushed out my emotions and feelings. I finally surrendered to my emotions and poured out. As the weight was being lifted off my heart, love was being poured back into me. 

The most successful artists have really been through some messed up moments in their lives and managed to create the most respected arts out there.

The walls you put are not protecting you.

You may think you're hiding from the pain, but you're really holding it in. It's consuming you.

If you weren't so afraid to get hurt and break, you will experience the feelings you do want.

Let out the hate, hurt, and regret. In return, be filled with love, joy, and gratitude.

Spiritual teachers have always said, "You get what you put in."

So why hold on to what we don't want?

Let it go, so you can get a return on your invest.  

Break so someone can touch you and help restore you to your true self. 


In loving memory of Roberta Jackson. Thank you for pouring love into me when I had no love for myself or the people around me. Thank you for showing me that a woman of God's love is the truth, resilience and magic this world thrives from.