Positive Vibes: What to listen for.

They say to "Think positive!"

Well, tell that to the person who was born into beliefs forcing them to think otherwise. 

Thinking you’re not good enough, you’re always broke, and that nothing good happens to you are all beliefs.

We are not born of these beliefs. They come from our upbringing, what we observe and who we listen to. When your world has been negative as hell since day one, how are you to just think and be positive? You don't.  

It’s not easy, and it’s okay. 

Some people have to work hard to be positive. Undoing your belief system, finding something to believe in, and renewing your mind is no walk in the park, but we all have to start somewhere.

Start with feeding your mind with what you decide to listen to now.  Listen to music and audio that spit truth and good vibes from a genuine place.  

The more you listen to Gucci, the more you’re about moving bricks.

So imagine what would happen to your mindset if you listened to these 5 audio tracks daily: 

1. “I am divorcing myself from self-doubt and never turning back.” - Tracy G,  The Becoming

I think I’m obsessed with her because she’s a Scorpio too, and I feel where she’s coming from. In case you didn’t know, Tracy G is a part of the on-air squad for SiriusXM's Sway In The Morning show on Shade45, and the dopest writer on everything human and pop culture.

In 2015, she created She’s Beauty And The Beast, a millennial wellness brand for "the multi-faceted, boldass young woman who cares just about quenching her inner needs as she does her outer wants." She’s Beauty And The Beast comes with a handful of audio visual boards drenched with good vibes and affirmations to transform your mindset. You can listen to her work on Apple Music, Soundcloud and Shesbeautyandthebeast.com


2. “Average Skill Phenomenal Will.” - Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas, aka ETtheHipHopPreacher on Youtube, is in the business of motivation. He brings a new meaning to Monday's with his TGIM series on his channel and continues to push out content to motivate people.
He consistently reminds listeners that you don’t have to be super talented to make your dreams come true. "You gotta get some heart if you're going to make it in this world.” It’s all about your will, drive, and dedication.  Check out his latest album, I Made My Mark, and other audio tracks on Spotify. 


3. "Don't never ever let nobody tell you what you can't do. Just because you could not care, nigga fuck you”  - BJ The Chicago Kid, Crazy

There’s something about Chicago artists. I truly believe Chicago is a place where everyone has potential and passion, but it’s the ones who are crazy for what they believe in that make something out of nothing. 

BJ The Chicago Kid’s music really takes me to church and give my spirit an ultimate high. Try listening to these tracks, Crazy from In My Mind and Dream II from Pineapple Now-Laters featuring excerpts from Will Smith’s interviews. 

Other Chicago natives who bring on the good vibes: David Ellis - Black Semester 2, Noname - Telefon, and Christian JaLon - Self EP.


4. "But the heart speaks in whispers, you've got to listen” - Corinne Bailey Rae

I don’t know how I lost track of her after “Like a Star,” but now she's a part of my everyday morning routine. Her latest album, The Heart Speaks in Whispers, is a spiritual awakening for the soul. Just the boost you need for when you start questioning where you are in life, your talent and your purpose. My top 3 mood boosters are The Skies Will Break, Tell Me, and Stop Where You Are. 


5. What do you have to say for yourself? YOU, that voice in your head triumphs over anything or anyone.

There are a couple ways you can strategically talk to yourself. 

1. As you beat your face to the Gods, look in the mirror and speak “I am” affirmations. Being face-to-face with yourself is the realest thing you could ever do.

2. Record yourself. I don’t know about Android, but in the Apple App Store, you can find the ThinkUp app. ThinkUp lets you pick and record affirmations and music to listen to daily. Try playing your voice recordings as you sleep. You might be sleep, but your subconscious is still listening and learning how to feel about its human counterpart.

Whatever you think and tell yourself on a daily basis will create your reality. No matter what happens, it’s all on you.

Listen for good vibes, speak good over your life, and be good to yourself.