Who is she?

I'm a fulltime copywriter who's obsessed with how we feel, move and heal.

When I watched a documentary about the late Nora Ephron and came across her phrase, "Everything is copy," I found my purpose. 

I always knew I wanted to help people. I just didn't know that meant telling the stories people are afraid to say out loud. I write about heartbreak, depression, self-doubt, and doing the inner work to heal. My writing is a spiritual journey, dedicated to sparking honest and open conversations and create safe spaces for people to heal. That's why I write. To journal through the obstacles, share our truths,  and spread resilience. Read my blog and posts from my journal. 

When I'm not journaling, I'm helping brands tell stories that matter to us.

I started my career in advertising in 2015 at Burrell Communications, where I write for McDonald's, My Black is Beautiful, and Comcast. As the glue between brands and the people, I enjoy telling stories centered in human truth and bringing life into the copy I write.

If you're looking for copy that heals, sells or connects, let's connect.