Who is she?

I am a copywriter obsessed with how we feel, live and heal.

I found my purpose in writing light and truth. Sometimes it comes in the form of an IG post; sometimes it’s a commercial.

I started my career in advertising in 2015 at Burrell Communications, where I write for McDonald's, Walmart, My Black is Beautiful, and Comcast. As the glue between brands and the people, I enjoy telling stories centered in real, relatable, and raw human truths.

When I’m not writing for brands, I journal for myself and others who may need encouragement.

I always knew I wanted to help people. I just didn't know that meant writing the stories people are afraid to say out loud. I journal about mental health, depression, self-doubt, and doing the inner work to heal. My journaling is a spiritual journey, dedicated to sparking honest and open conversations, which create space for readers to heal. That's why I write. To journal through the obstacles, share our truths, and spread resilience. Read my blog and posts from my journal. 

If you're looking for words that heal, sell or connect, let's work.