About She Got Heart

#SheGotHeart is an call to action for those listening to negative self-talk in their heads. You have a heart too, use it.
Too many people are afraid to use their hearts to make a change in their life. Meanwhile, logic says they're not good enough, their dreams are too big, and not trust anyone, anything or even themselves.

I like to think if we listen to what's in our hearts more, we'll open our minds and a Universe of possibilities.

She Got Heart means letting go and operating out of a place love.

When you operate out of a place love, your fears, insecurities and doubts no longer hold you back from the life you want.

The mission is simple: live a life led by love.

#SheGotHeart Writing Challenge

It means having the courage to be open up your heart and be vulnerable. When we open up to the world, we can listen more for what our heart says, connect to others and do something about it. This challenge encourages you to use writing as a spiritual journey. That means writing your heart out to unleash anything stopping you from living a life led by love. Found out more here.

About Me

I'm Crystal D. and I'm a love addict. I'm a big advocate for self-love. I'm a spiritual gangster, personal development junkie and marshmallow. I'm not much of a talker, but I will jump in on conversations about God (aka The Universe, they're the same to me), pop culture and love & relationships.  I'm all about transforming my mind to live a happy, loving and meaningful life. As I figure out the formula to such a life, I want to share journey with others to help them map out all the right places find meaning in the chaos.

Somewhat Professional Bio

By the way, I'm a copywriter. No, I cannot copyright your music, book or awesome As Seen On TV products. I write commercials for some of your favorite brands.  I believe that life is copy, so draw from life's experiences (of friends, families and my own) and authentic insight. When I approach other forms of writing, I draw from my personal experiences, talks with my girlfriends and conversations I had no business listening to. In that, writing becomes a spiritual journey for me where we can find truth in this we call life.